Newsletter, 9th ed.

Newsletter, 9th ed.
The Ninth Edition

Welcome to another edition of Perspective, by i3strategies®️.

New Resources

We published a playbook for selling financial crime risk and compliance software. We want the playbook to improve understanding between sellers and buyers, reducing confusion, increasing sales, and modernizing financial crime risk and compliance.


We also published a market update for 1H 2023 exploring the details around investments and acquisitions announced in the financial crime risk and compliance space.


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People & Strategy Perspectives

From Vic Maculaitis: I became a board-appointed BSA Officer in 2008 (still in my 20s).

Before leaving industry in 2016, I learned a ton in a compressed period of time across 2 additional appointments as a BSA Officer and the Head of BSA/AML Operations in between.

There were 2 specific revelations I experienced that gave me great clarity about financial crime risk and compliance:

1/ As the BSA Officer, my principal responsibility was to protect the firm that employed me, and the clients that trusted us, and ultimately ensure value for shareholders.

2/ As the BSA Officer, I was part of something more than merely a function within an enterprise, I was actually part of the business and a greater economy at large.

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Technology Perspectives

What kind of new technology will be applied to transaction monitoring that can modernize our approach to detecting signals for illicit activities?

First, let's look at the evolution over the past 2 decades:

Rules-based (basic logic) ⇢ Behavior-based (pattern recognition) ⇢ Machine learning (advanced pattern recognition) ⇢ Contextual intelligence (data exploitation) ⇢ ???

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