FinCrime 2030 Information

FinCrime 2030 Information
FinCrime 2030 Series, by i3strategies®

Modernization is not optional, it is required.

In order to achieve modernization, industry executives must lead and solution providers must innovate.

Leading and innovating together is the only way.

Welcome to FinCrime 2030, where we bring together industry leaders, technology providers, and investors to improve understanding and accelerate innovation.


November 8th Private Event in Charlotte, NC

Participants: HawkAI, Hummingbird, US Bank, Ally, Everbank, Deutsche Bank, and more!

September 12th Private Event in NYC

Participants: Sigma Ratings, WorkFusion, Unit21, MVB Bank, Rabobank, Ag Bank of China, Robinhood, and Morgan Stanley.

NYC Private Event 

September 13th Private Luncheon in NYC

Discussion on AI in FinCrime led by Founder & CEO of ThreatDigital, Christian Focacci (also Technical Partner at i3strategies®), ML/AI developer w/ 2 previous successful exits.

Participants: Sandbar, Threat Digital, CleverChain, 9Yards Capital, Anthemis, Dow Jones, Valley Bank, American Express, iStari Global, New Mountain Capital, Hawk AI, Lucinity and ACFCS.

NYC Private Luncheon

More information:

Please contact Vic Maculaitis (480) 909-8191 or

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