Newsletter, 8th ed.

Newsletter, 8th ed.
The Eighth Edition.

Welcome to another edition of Perspective, by i3strategies®️.

We want to warmly welcome our newest partner, Patrick Sheehan. Mr. Sheehan, an internally experienced revenue leader has joined the firm to support growth initiatives. Read the press release here.

In a recent glance at LinkedIn Jobs, we found more than 83,000 results for "Anti-Money Laundering". The results were down from 88,000 last month. We've also taken notice of scope and compensation trends in more senior roles.

We are sharing our unique "perspectives" on people, strategy, and technology below, but first here's a coming soon teaser.


People & Strategy Perspectives

Modern, strategic operations in financial crime risk and compliance is about balance.

Pulling the right levers to achieve balance involves applying modern thinking (cost containment, PnL management, CBA focus) and moving away from conventional operating models that are headcount-heavy. Join the conversation here.

7 or 8 years ago Vic Maculaitis wrote his first LinkedIn article titled "Strategic Frameworks for Financial Crime". The essence of the article was to bring together the following financial crime disciplines:

1/ Money Laundering

2/ Fraud

3/ Corruption and Bribery

4/ Sanctions

5/ Cybercrime

Integration was the key concept: integrated programs, operations, people, processes, and technology. Join the conversation here.

The financial crime risk and compliance industry spends a lot of money on resources (people, services, and tech). Now how that money gets spent can be very unstrategic. Join the conversation here.

Take a look at this "BSA/AML Officer" job and some of our takeaways. Join the conversation here.

Technology Perspectives

Google Cloud Anti-Money Laundering AI. Game over, or not so fast? Join the conversation here.

Most developers in the financial crime risk and compliance space are building Artificial Intelligence (AI) models focused on efficiency gains (or at least that's what they market and message).

Efficiency gains are good, but efficacy is the name of the game when it comes to combatting financial crime. Join the conversation here.

Lightspeed Venture Partners published their view on "FinTech and AI" -- we had a view on it too. Join the conversation here.

ChatGPT prompts about financial crime. Join the conversation here.

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Perspective, by i3strategies®️

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