Newsletter, 11th ed.

Newsletter, 11th ed.
The 11th Edition.

Welcome to another edition of Perspective, by i3strategies®️.

FinCrime 2030 Charlotte Private Event

Welcome to FinCrime 2030, where we bring together industry leaders, technology providers, and investors to improve understanding and accelerate innovation.

After a successful launch of the FinCrime 2030 Series in New York City, we are heading to Charlotte in November!

Riggs Bank -- The Story that created the AML compliance industry.

This is a story of what AML should be – an account of a mind-blowing investigation that uncovered fraud, corruption, and money laundering. It has it all – high-risk PEPs, shell companies, and piles of cash. It tells how a series of events led to a U.S. Senate Investigation and worldwide media coverage that forced regulators to create the modern AML compliance industry.

PDF and eBook versions are found here.

People, Strategy, and Technology Perspectives

Every single person involved in the financial crime risk and compliance ecosystem should be thinking about these 2 things. Join the conversation here.

Industry best practices -- clarity or confusion? Join the conversation here.

When FinTechs make the same mistakes as conventional banks -- puzzling. Join the conversation here.

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