Newsletter, 10th ed.

Newsletter, 10th ed.
The Tenth Edition

Welcome to another edition of Perspective, by i3strategies®️.

FinCrime 2030 is approaching!

FinCrime 2030 Series

Modernization is not optional, it is required. In order to achieve modernization, industry executives must lead and solutions providers must innovate. Leading and innovating together is the only way.

Welcome to FinCrime 2030, where we bring together industry leaders, technology providers, and investors to improve understanding and accelerate innovation.

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People, Strategy, and Technology Perspectives

If you're leading financial crime risk and compliance programs read about 5 things of minimal effort and cost that will yield high returns. Join the conversation here.

If you’re building financial crime risk and compliance programs, operations, or solutions — these are the most important things that need to be done: 1/ Identify 2/ Screen 3/ Diligence 4/ Assess 5/ Monitor 6/ Investigate 7/ Report 8/ Reassess. Join the conversation here.

Training and upskilling Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) staff is best accomplished by 4 blocks of 10 focal areas. Join the conversation here.

Minor missteps in financial crime risk and compliance operations can equate to massive failures (violations of law) and/or massive waste (inefficiencies). Join the conversation here.

We are still seeing missteps in job descriptions and compensation. Join the conversation here.

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