Newsletter, 18th ed.

Newsletter, 18th ed.
The 18th Edition

Welcome to the 18th Edition of Perspective, by i3strategies®️ .

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If you are new to this newsletter, here is a quick introduction:

i3strategies®️ is a market research and strategy consulting firm with expertise in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance. Our expertise spans Money Laundering, Corruption and Bribery, Sanctions, Fraud, and Cybercrime.

Our commercial focus is on Finance, Tech, Professional Services, Private Equity, and Venture Capital clients.

This newsletter covers the business and strategy sides of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance. Enjoy the read, and thank you!

Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions

In April 2024, we tracked one (1) investment and two (2) acquisitions. Here are the deals that were announced:

CertifID / Undisclosed Private Equity Round

Verdance acquires Corlytics

ComplyAdvantage acquires Golden

Market News

Here are recent rebranding, partnerships, product releases, and innovations happening across the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance solutions landscape.

Alessa partners with RZOLUT

Moody's partners with TrueBiz

Xapien partners with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Siren partners with Chainalysis

Oscilar partners with Middesk

Cognizant partners with FICO

Oscilar Unveils AI-Powered AML Risk Platform: Transforming Compliance for BaaS

New Oracle AI-powered Cloud Service Helps Banks Mitigate Anti-Money-Laundering Risks

(Article) The Board's Role in Overseeing the Management of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance

If we’re being honest, boards typically do not take an interest in anti-fraud and anti-money laundering programs unless there is a significant fraud loss or regulatory pressure through examination or enforcement. In short, most boards see fraud as a buried operational function, and AML as a compliance function. Moreover, rarely do organizations have an integrated approach to managing financial crime risk.

So, can boards provide adequate oversight if that is the reality of the current state? Perhaps the better question is whether boards should be providing more adequate oversight. The answer is absolutely and much like the cross-industry push for cybersecurity to be a staple of board issues; financial crime broadly has a rightful place on the board agenda.

(Post/Note) Good. Better. Best. Reporting structures for the BSA Officer.

(Post/Note) A ton of work goes into building FinCrime operations.The best of the best builders and operators will pull on these 4 levers:1/ strategy ⇢ 2/ analytics ⇢ 3/ automation ⇢ 4/ max labor utilization models

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