Newsletter, 16th ed.

Newsletter, 16th ed.
The 16th Edition

Welcome to the 16th Edition of Perspective, by i3strategies®️.

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If you are new to this newsletter, here is a quick introduction:

i3strategies®️ is a market research and strategy consulting firm with expertise in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance. Our expertise spans Money Laundering, Corruption and Bribery, Sanctions, Fraud, and Cybercrime.

Our commercial focus is on Finance, Tech, Professional Services, Private Equity, and Venture Capital clients.

This newsletter covers the business and strategy sides of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance. Enjoy the read, and thank you!

Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions

In February 2024, we tracked six (6) investments and three (3) acquisitions. Here are the deals that were announced:

1/ Investment: Coris announced a Seed round co-led by Lux Capital and Exponent Founders Capital.

2/ Investment: Evotrust announced a Seed round led by Silverline Capital.

3/ Investment: Closinglock announced a Series A round led by Headline.

4/ Investment: Kinectify announced a Seed+ round led by Aristocrat.

5/ Investment: spektr announced a Seed round led by Northzone, Seedcamp, and PreSeed Ventures.

6/ Investment: Napier AI announced a Private Equity round led by Crestline Investors.

7/ Acquisition: Entrust announced the acquisition of Onfido.

8/ Acquisition: Archer announced the acquisition of Compliance AI.

9/ Acquisition: Saifr announced the acquisition of Giant Oak's GOST platform.

Market News

Here are recent rebranding, partnerships, product releases, and innovations happening across the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance solutions landscape.

1/ New Abrigo fraud detection platform helps financial institutions fight fraud faster and smarter with AI, reduce mounting losses. Read more here.

2/ Tookitaki announces rebranding of its AML suite to FinCense. Read more here.

3/ PortX and Hummingbird partner to streamline compliance and regulatory technology for financial institutions. Read more here.

4/ StandardC and Quantifind forge strategic partnership to deliver next-gen AI-driven compliance solutions. Read more here.

5/ Enigma announces Q4 product updates. Read more here.

6/ Hummingbird announces Automations. Read more here.

7/ Threat Digital announces DiligenAI. Read more here.

8/ Sigma360 announces significant upgrades to adverse media screening capabilities. Read more here.

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